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How to be Optimistic about Starting a New School Year

How to be Optimistic about Starting a New School Year

It's hard to say goodbye to the fleeting freedom of summer, but there are awesome things about the school year as well. Here are some ways to stay positive about the new semester:

1. Plan something fun for the first day
Treat yourself to coffee (and why not some coffee cake while you're at the coffee shop?) on the first day of classes, or meet up with a friend who you haven't seen in a while. Having something fun to look forward to will make the first day a little less of a chore.

2. Don't Give Up on Summer Once School Starts
Just because classes have started again doesn't mean that you can't finish your summer bucket list. August and September still offer warm weather for camping and getting ice cream. On the plus side, September will be cooler than the earlier summer months, and going to the zoo would be a lot more enjoyable in the end of summer warmth than the intensity of July heat.

3. Buy or Make Cute School Supplies
Shop for pretty notebooks and fancy pens, or have fun personalizing notebooks you have at home. Last semester, I covered my notebooks in craft paper and wrote inspiring quotes on the front. Sitting in class and seeing the quotes on my notebooks gave me motivation, and I had a lot of fun decorating my notebooks.

4. Make a List of the Pros of a New Semester
Maybe you will cut down on your hours at your job now that you'll be doing schoolwork, or you're looking forward to a really interesting class. There's also an exciting energy that comes at the beginning of a semester.

5. Use the New Semester to Set Goals for Yourself
A new semester is a great time to decide that you'll commit to studying more often or pushing yourself out of your comfort zone more. A new semester gives you a fresh start.

6. Remember that Universities Offer Unique Opportunities
University offers such a variety of fun events, clubs, and connections that won't be as readily available to you once you've graduated. As tempting as it is to just chill out after class, it's worth it to check out a club and meet new people. There are often a lot of fun events at the beginning of the semester. My university has a carnival at the beginning of the year that I'm looking forward to going to soon!

7. Look Forward to Meeting New People
New classes mean new people.  You never know when you'll meet your next great friend, and they could end up sitting next to you in class this semester.

8. Be Grateful for Learning
After being in school your whole life, it's so easy to take advantage of learning. It becomes a boring chore rather than an exciting way to improve yourself. Even if a class is just a general education requirement, take the opportunity to become a well-rounded person and try to see the interesting components of the subject. Just ask someone who is going back to school after being out of school for years. They have a fresh perspective and have missed learning. I know this is a lot easier said than done, but it's a good perspective to have in mind!

9. Change Your Motivation
The easiest way to motivate yourself to go to class and commit to your studies is to actually enjoy it. Instead of shaming yourself into studying or doing schoolwork just to pass a class, remember that you're taking these classes with a purpose. Think about how excited you are to start your career and your passion for your major. Keeping this perspective will help keep you going in your less interesting classes.

10. Remember that it's Only a Few Short Weeks
Usually, at the end of a semester, it feels like it actually didn't take that long. Even when it feels like the semester is dragging by, remember that it will be done quicker than it seems (and then you'll have a break!).


What do you do to celebrate the new semester? 

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