Friday, August 15, 2014

Fashion Inspired by Sue Heck of "The Middle"

Fashion Inspired by Sue Heck

                               Blue top / Strenesse Blue green jeans, $92 / Keds sneaker

Sue Heck is adorable. Her positive attitude and perseverance is so inspiring. However, that's not all that is inspiring about her. Though she's not someone you'd think of as particularly fashionable, her style provides some great inspiration for playful, feminine pieces.

Fashion Inspired by Sue Heck - Fruit Print

         Boohoo jumpsuits romper / Wedge sandals / ALDO red purse / Jeweliq cuff bracelet

Sue loves to wear unique, youthful clothes. She wears a lot of patterned, bright pieces. In one episode, she wears a sweater with a big strawberry on the front. Fruit prints are trending right now, and summer is the perfect time to wear them! Pair a pretty sundress with a fruit print with some retro or bohemian accessories, and you're done. Check stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, which have a lot of options and are always on trend. Etsy also carries a lot of fruit printed clothes and accessories.

Fashion Inspired by Sue Heck - Animal Sweater & Colored Jeans

          AX Paris owl top, $33 / Paige Denim green jeans, $230 / Charlotte Russe shoes / The Cambridge Satchel Company leather purse / Ted Baker black jewelry

Sue wears a lot of sweaters, and they're almost always patterned or have an image on the front. A fun way to wear an interesting sweater is by wearing one with an animal print. Sue is probably most known for her colored jeans, which is one of her staples. Delia's has a lot of great options for colored jeans, as well as Old Navy.

Fashion Inspired by Sue Heck - Polka Dot Pullover and Colored Jeans

                  Mango polka dot top / Mango red cotton pants / Keds sneaker / Travel purse

This outfit incorporates Sue's colored jeans and love for patterns and sweaters. Sue wears a lot of casual clothing, so Keds are the perfect match for her style. As it turns out, Sue is pretty on trend!


Would you wear any of these pieces?
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