Thursday, August 28, 2014

Backpack Essentials for Girls

Backpack Essentials for Girls

Part of the fun of going back to school is organizing your backpack and getting new supplies. By the end of the semester, my backpack ends up with old snack wrappers and index cards shoved at the bottom of the pockets. So, it's nice to give my backpack a fresh start with the new semester. Almost as importantly as having your textbooks and folders in your bag is to have other little essentials that will make your day go smoothly. Here is a list of the backpack essentials that you may want to add to your bag this semester:

makeup: Even if you don't wear a lot of makeup, it's nice to have some concealer to brighten up your eyes or lipstick to quickly refresh your look during the day. This is especially helpful when it's still warm out and your makeup comes off easier with the heat.

oil blotting sheets: If you have an oily face like me, these are wonderful! These are little sheets like tissue paper that you blot on your face and it absorbs the oil. It's feels fresher than using powder because it you're taking the oil off rather than covering it up. The brand e.l.f. sells these for just a dollar at Target.

compact mirror: Great for quick hair check-ups and making sure your lunch isn't left over in your teeth.

gum or mints: It's always a plus to have gum.

mini notebook: This is a helpful tool if you want to write a to-do list or shopping list and you don't have room in your agenda.

headphones: Have an impromptu jam session while studying at the library.

snacks: Granola bars are perfect for a quick snack that will last a little while in your backpack. Just don't leave them in there too long or you'll forget how old it is.

book: The philosophy of Rory Gilmore is that you should never be without a good book because you don't know when you'll have an opportunity to read it. I like carrying a book around with me and reading while I'm waiting for class to start or if I'm early for meeting up with a friend.

sticky notes: These work really well for extra notes to add to your agenda.

pads: no explanation needed.

sunglasses: It's always nice to have an extra pair to keep in your backpack in case you leave your other pair at home or in the car.

umbrella: same idea as the sunglasses.

hand sanitizer: Germs are gross. Hand sanitizer gives you peace of mind.

ibuprofen/peptobismol: Just in case you don't feel well.

USB stick: It's a good idea to have one that you always keep in your backpack for last minute work.

brush/bobby pins/hair elastics: for unruly hair.

band-aids: for your new shoes that rub or those darned paper cuts.

roll-on perfume: for a quick scent touch-up.

lotion: lotion is just awesome.

index cards: write your study cards while you're in class and save time.

What do you make sure to keep in your bag?

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