Saturday, January 17, 2015

Reese's Spreads Review

I was so excited when I found out that Influenster was sending me the Reese's Spreads VoxBox. I am such a fan of Influenster, and Reese's are my all-time favorite candy. I was especially excited to receive the Reese's Spread because I finished all of the Reese's from my Christmas stocking a long time ago.

If you aren't a member of Influenster, you should really check it out! It is an awesome website that you make an account with and connect with your social media accounts. You answer questions about the types of products you use, and then you wait for an email with a pre-survey for a VoxBox or an email saying that you are being sent a box. VoxBoxes include free, full-size items that you then review and promote over social media. On the website, you can also review products you already own or look for reviews.

The Reese's Spreads VoxBox is my second box, and it feels like Christmas all over again. I was amazed at how delicious this spread is. It tastes exactly like a Reese's cup. The only way you can improve peanut butter is to make it Reese's peanut butter and add chocolate. This spread is basically your wildest dessert dreams come true in a convenient jar.

This spread is affordable and priced similarly to regular peanut butter. It also has the same amount of calories as peanut butter, but it tastes even better! So, its' a win-win situation. Or, you could call it a win-win-win situation a la "The Office", since Hershey's wins by gaining a consumer of Reese's Spreads for life.
There are so many ways you could eat Reese's spreads. Here are some ideas:
  • anything. Seriously, it makes everything yummy.
  • straight out of the jar. Just be careful and don't eat it while watching TV, or you will eat the whole thing in one sitting without thinking.
  • with apple slices
  • on pretzels
  • accompanying graham crackers (add it to cinnamon graham crackers for a flavor explosion)
  • on potato chips (sounds weird, but tastes good)
  • with bananas (I love peanut butter banana sandwiches, and Reese's Spreads would take this to a whole new level)
  • on toast (a simple way to brighten your morning)
  • over ice cream
  • in place of frosting
  • in a smoothie or milkshake
  • in a wrap or sandwich
  • melted and poured over chex cereal with powdered sugar for a quicker version of puppy chow (a.k.a. muddy buddies)
  • with oreos
  • on crackers (wheat thins, saltines, ritz)
  • drizzled over popcorn
  • mixed with cream cheese to make fluffy frosting
  • on brownies
Thanks to Influenster and Reese's for sending me this awesome complimentary Reese's Spreads! 
Have you tried Reese's Spreads?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Minute DIY Gift: Paint Chip Bookmark

I love quick DIY gifts. It's special to be able to personalize a gift, and crafting is always enjoyable. When I'm running low on time or I want a cute addition to a gift, a 5 minute DIY is the perfect solution. That's where the paint chip bookmark comes in.  I can't resist picking up a few paint chips in gorgeous colors whenever I'm in a hardware store (which isn't very often if I can help it—I'd rather be in Target). So, I have a stash of paint chips, usually in calming blue and green hues. I also have some satin royal blue ribbon that has been begging to be used in a DIY for years. Through this craft, I finally found the perfect way to use it. I also added a verse to the bookmark for an extra touch. 

Here are the steps to making your own paint chip bookmark:

  1. Pick up a paint chip in the color of your choice. You can use one with multiple colors or a single color. I chose a narrow, long bookmark since it will fit in small books as well as larger ones.
  2. Find a coordinating ribbon and cut off a piece that is about the length of the paint chip. Additionally, you can cut a triangle out of the end (so that it has the same shape as a snake's tongue) to give it a little flair like the bookmark I made.
  3. Use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the bookmark. Put the hot glue at the top of the back side of the paint chip and attach the ribbon.
  4. Write a verse or quote on the front of the paint chip.
Now, you'll have a quick, thoughtful gift on hand to give to anyone who loves reading (or does a lot of studying). What type of quick DIY ideas do you enjoy doing?

Friday, January 2, 2015

My New Year's Beauty Resolutions

1. Actually floss sometimes
If I meet someone who consistently flosses, then I feel like they really have their life together. Who remembers to floss every night, and isn't too lazy to skip doing it? I recently bought some flossing sticks so that I don't have to use regular floss that strangles your fingertips. The more convenient it is, the more likely I am to stick with it. I think my teeth will thank me.

2. Try a variety of hairstyles
I usually stick to wearing my hair down and straight. However, I see so many adorable, probably-not-as-easy-as-they-seem hairstyles on Pinterest. I have pinned many of them, but my ratio of pinning hairstyles to actually trying those hairstyles is about 400 to 10. 2015 will be the year of waterfall braids and messy buns.

3. Use less heat on my hair
As I mentioned, I usually wear my hair straight, which requires my flat iron. I use my hair dryer most days as well. I know that this really isn't great for my hair, and I plan to use less heat on my hair. Trying different hairstyles will help, since I will learn cute new updos. Side note: how annoying is it when you find an updo that requires you to curl your hair first?! If I was looking for a style that required taking that much time, I would just wear my hair curly. Anyway, I think less heat will mean healthier hair and more time for crafting.

4. Wear my glasses more often
I have a pair of stylish glasses that I barely wear outside of late night Netflix watching. I plan to rock them more often. I am near-sighted and proud!

5. Wear red lipstick
I almost never wear bold lip color. I am young, so I think I will channel my inner Taylor Swift and take advantage of loud lip color while I can.

This year, I will have really clean teeth and trendy hair! What are your beauty resolutions?