Sunday, November 30, 2014

9 Personal Gifts to Give Your Man

Christmas music is on the radio! I'm so excited for the holidays! I love how sparkly and cozy everything becomes at this time of year. Since it's the season of gift giving, I decided to share a post with 9 ideas for personal gifts to give your man. Here they are:

1. Photo book
Photo books are just awesome. How cool is it that we have the technology nowadays to design a photo book online and have it printed and sent to us?! I have a lot of fun designing photo books online and making it match my style and personality, and it's a great way to reminisce about some of your favorite memories. Ideas for photo books include a wedding album, honeymoon album, engagement picture album (which makes a great wedding guest book!), or an album of pictures that you've taken throughout your relationship. I use Shutterfly, and you can find some great Shutterfly coupon codes and deals. I've gotten deals for Shutterfly through Target (when K and I did our wedding registry) and through Kellogg's rewards emails. There are a lot of other companies to choose from that do photobooks, but Shutterfly is probably the most known. The books look professional, and there are so many ways to customize them. This is a gift that takes a lot of time and planning, but it's a lot of fun and definitely worth it.

2. Scrapbook
Alternatively, you can make a scrap book. This is a great way to use prints of pictures that you have sitting around, and it's another fun project to work on. You can even find themed scrapbooks at Michael's and other craft stores that are already made for gift giving that you just fill with pictures and keepsakes, like old movie tickets.

3. "Open when..." letters
If you use Pinterest, you've probably seen this idea floating around. Write letters to your man for him to open on different occasions. You can write letters for him to open when he needs encouragement, when he wants to laugh, on your anniversary, on Christmas or his birthday, when you have an argument, etc. If you search for ideas for this gift, I'm sure you'll find a lot. This is a fun gift because it lasts a long time.

4. "Reasons I Love You" journal
Fill a journal with reasons you love your man. You can put little things, like the way he smiles, and big things, like how well he treats you. I made a "Reasons I Want to Marry You" journal and gave it to K on our wedding day. Doing this also reminds you of how grateful you are for your relationship.

5. "My Favorite Memories of Us" Journal
Similarly, you can fill a journal with descriptions of your favorite memories of the two of you. You could also add pictures and make it into a scrapbook.

6. Year of Dates
You can find this awesome gift idea here: The idea is to pre-plan a year's worth of dates for you and your guy. I did this as a Christmas gift for Kyle and I. I wrote a couple of date ideas on index cards and put them in envelopes for each month. So, I ended up with 24 different date ideas. I tried to make most of them free or cheap. It was fun catering the dates to the season they were in, and Kyle and I love opening up the envelope every month and looking forward to our dates.

7. Write Him a Poem
If you love to write, a poem about him or your relationship is a wonderful way to express your love in a personal way. You could type it out and frame it for him.

8. Make a Box of His Favorite Foods
Food is always a welcome gift. Buy him a bunch of his favorite snack foods and candy and put it in a box or basket. You can even make him a man bouquet, which you can find on Pinterest.

9. Storybird book
I just found out about Storybird, and I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm already impressed! It's a site that allows users to create stories using art uploaded to the website. There are lots of different styles of art on the website to suit a variety of tastes and get your creativity going. You can also read stories authored by others. The Dating Divas came up with a great idea to make a story featuring you and your guy to give to him. You can email it to him for free, download a PDF version, or order a real book (similar to Shutterfly). This would be such a fun project to work on, and it's a unique gift. Here is the link to the Dating Divas article about it:

What personalized gifts have you given your man?

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