Monday, October 27, 2014

Geometric Triangle Manicure

Nail art is a great way to express yourself and stay on trend at the same time, but I usually don't have the patience to spend an hour doing my nails. ​

The other day, I did my nails in a simple geometric design that was ​
​fun and quick.
I used a gorgeous sky blue color by NYC called "Skyline Blue". I love the low prices of NYC nail colors. For the triangle, I used Essie's "Penny Talk", which has been my favorite nail color for a long time.​ 
This color is classy and trendy, and it works as an accent color​
 ​ as well as a base color.

For the triangle, I put tape on my nail where I wanted the edges of the triangle to hit. Then, I painted from the top of the nail to the tape.

What are your favorite nail art designs? I'd love to hear them!​

I have not received payment or compensation for mentioning these products, I just personally like them.

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