Friday, October 10, 2014

Inexpensive Ways to Show your Alabama Crimson Tide Pride

Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Crimson Tide Pride

Alabama football is so fun to watch, and I love being a fan. There are a lot of ​(girly) ​ways to show your Crimson Tide pride without having to spend very much. Here are some ways to pull that off:

1. Use Crimson and Houndstooth Ribbon

This is a more subtle way to show that you're a fan, and it's perfect for decorating. Get some pretty crimson and houndstooth patterned ribbons and stick them anywhere! You could wrap these ribbons around vases and jars, make a garland with them, or even tie curtains up with them. You could also add these ribbons to pillow covers or use them to add a bow to a frame.​ These ribbons would go really well with some twine or rope for a rustic look.

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As for accessories, those ribbons would be perfect for making a headband or hair bow. You could also make a simple ribbon belt with them, or turn the ribbons into a necklace.​ 
Tying houndstooth ribbon onto the straps of red flip flops would be super simple and quick.

2. Dress in Crimson and Houndstooth
If you have a houndstooth scarf, all you have to do is wear it with crimson shirt! Or vice versa. It would be so cute to wear a red shirt with a houndstooth skirt. Any clothing combination using these would be adorable and work really well. You can find a lot of houndstooth dresses and skirts. It's nice being a fan of a team with pretty colors/patterns!

For more inspiration, see my post about Crimson Tide Fashion.

3. Make it Yourself
If you have some sewing skills (or in my case, if your mom does!), you can design and make your own Alabama-themed shirt or scarf, which would probably end up being less than buying one already made. I love thinking of fun designs for clothes, and it's a great way to make a unique shirt to show off your pride.

For the shirt, you could make one or buy a red or houndstooth one. You could incorporate an elephant design, houndstooth and crimson, and words like "Crimson Tide" or "Love Alabama" on the shirt. To do this, you could cut and sew fabric in the shape of an elephant onto the shirt, find an iron-on letters or patch in the shape of an elephant, or print the design on iron-on material to transfer to the shirt. You could even add those ribbons as well! You could also use fabric markers to draw on the shirt, or use a bleach pen in the same way (directions for using a bleach pen to add designs to a shirt are easy to find on Pinterest).

For a scarf, you could simply make a circle scarf with red and houndstooth fabric, and you could even add a cute elephant design with an iron-on patch.

For other DIYs, you could also paint a simple Alabama "A" on a canvas or wood in crimson and white, or draw it on paper and frame it. Another idea is to add it to simple coasters. 

My father-in-law recently made a ping pong table (which the whole family has fallen in love with) and painted it red. He added Alabama themed duct tape as a border and Alabama decals on the top of the table. Another idea is to make personalized corn toss boards by painting the Alabama "A" on them. There's really no limit to the ways you can show you're a fan!

How do you show your Alabama pride?

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