Thursday, December 18, 2014

Birthday Freebie Bonanza

How often do you get to use the word bonanza? It's a great word that doesn't come around very often.
My birthday was a few months ago, which is hard for me to believe since the time has flown by since. I had been brainstorming fun ideas for it for a month (okay, probably two months) beforehand. I knew you could get freebies on your birthday, and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity because, as my hubby will tell you, free food tastes the best. I signed up for a lot of email lists (this would be a good time to make an email that you use solely for email lists and online accounts). I did this about a week before my birthday. Most of the freebies I signed up for were food. I used this list to find the deals:

On my birthday, K and I went to Caribou Coffee for my free coffee, and then to Krispy Kreme for my free donut and drink. I had the coffee, and K had the drink from Krispy Kreme. We bought an extra donut for K. Then, we watched "You've Got Mail" at home, which is one of my favorite movies (daisies are the friendliest flower!).

We also went to Moe's Southwest Grill, which is so delicious. I got a free entree with the purchase of a soft drink, and K and I shared it. Then, we went to Firehouse Subs to get my free sub, which we saved for lunch the next day.

That night, we went out to eat (and paid full price) at a whimsical local place and sat out on their patio.
Later, I got an offer from Zaxby's in the mail for some free food for my birthday. It took a few weeks to get to me, but it was worth it!

K and I had a lot of fun running around town for our free food. I recommend doing this for your birthday. Some companies also give you a reward when you sign up for their email list as well.

Do you have any tips for getting free stuff for your birthday? Let me know!

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